Seasonal Mixed Edible Flowers: "The Herbalist" (August 2018)

Seasonal Mixed Edible Flowers: "The Herbalist" (August 2018)

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Welcome to the summer bounty! The Herbalist features our savory and aromatic flowers and may include any of the following: basil blossoms (thai, lemon, and dark opal), spicy nasturtium, mint flowers, lemon balm flowers, calendula, fresh coriander, anise hyssop, borage, and fennel flowers. 

We're dreaming of: savory foccacias and scones, a refreshing summer tisane, a stone fruit galette with The Herbalist's blooms added to the pastry, or a very simple caprese salad dotted with the colors and flavors of these flowers.

All of our edible flowers are Certified Naturally Grown and harvested by hand, with love, in Washington, D.C. at our outdoor garden located at the Carmelite Friars Monastery. We hope you enjoy these little beauties, which were grown with lots of tender loving care on our first-generation, woman-owned farm. 

Care: When properly stored our edible flowers have a shelf life of approximately 4-6 days. Please refrigerate in your produce drawer in their original clamshell immediately upon receipt. The clamshell contains a small packet that absorbs oxygen to keep the flowers as fresh as possible. This packet is fully biodegradable and non-toxic (not for consumption).